Garland, F. Richard

garlandThe Reverend F. Richard Garland is a retired United Methodist pastor. He and his wife, Catherine Sprigg, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, live in North Kingstown, RI.

Dick was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and is a lifelong Methodist. A graduate of Garrett Theological Seminary, he interned in Chicago and then served churches in Indiana, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. He remains involved in the Walk to Emmaus movement. He continues to preach on occasion, provide coverage in emergency pastoral situations, and write a monthly essay, "From Where I Sit" for the newsletter of the North Kingstown UMC. He has been a contributor to The Upper Room.

Dick is a lifelong hiker who still climbs in the mountains of New Hampshire. At home, he spends a great deal of time in his flower gardens. He has sung with the Rhode Island Civic Chorale and Orchestra and is a member of the Fellowship of United Methodists in Music and Worship Arts.

Dick wrote his first hymn, a children's song, in a seminary music class with Austin C. Lovelace, and he has written poetry for many years. He began writing hymns for use in his churches about twenty years ago, but did not submit them for publication until 2006, after being encouraged to do so by a classmate and friend.

Many of his texts are inspired by the seasons of the church year, particularly Christmas and Easter, and by Scriptures from the Lectionary. In April of 2007, an appeal from a clergy colleague for a memorial hymn in response to the shootings at Virginia Tech University resulted in the creation of his hymn, In Grief and Aching Sorrow, set to the tune, Passion Chorale by J.S. Bach. Once, his pastor, frustrated in trying to find enough hymns to go with the Good Samaritan story in Luke 10:25-37, asked him to write a new hymn for a service. The result was his hymn, "When We Would Neighbor Be." On a dare from a colleague, he revealed a whimsical side by writing a hymn for Groundhog Day, "Praise the Lord for Woodland Creatures." His hymn, "I Have a Dream," was written to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the address by The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He is currently working on a series of texts based on the selections from the Letter to the Ephesians found in the New Revised Common Lectionary and on an occasional series of texts on the theme of "Health and Healing for Those Who Serve."

Contact Information:
The Rev. F. Richard Garland
80 Grant Drive
North Kingstown, RI 02852
Phone: 401-294-5215
Cell Phone: 603-560-7672

Hymns by F. Richard Garland on the Discipleship Ministries Website:

  1. A Litany of Healing and Hope for September 11, 2011
  2. A New Advent of Joy
  3. A Stranger Joined Them As They Walked
  4. Advent Hymns - Year A Lectionary Texts
  5. Advent Hymns - Year B Lectionary Texts
  6. Advent Hymns - Year C Lectionary Texts
  7. A Star Shone Bright (Advent/Christmas Eve Hymn)
  8. Before an Open Empty Tomb - Easter Hymn
  9. Build Up the Saints in Love
  10. Called by the Word
  11. Child Will Lead the Dawn Of Grace
  12. Christ Is Our Peace
  13. Christ Is Raised, a Living Witness
  14. Christ Modeled Faithfulness
  15. Come Humbly Seeking How to Live
  16. Come to the Light Of Hope
  17. Come to the Mountain Peak - Transfiguration Sunday Hymn
  18. Come to the Table - Communion Hymn
  19. Come With Rejoicing
  20. Come with Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving Hymn
  21. Dear Jesus, in Whose Life I See - New version
  22. From Creation's Timeless Word
  23. Fulfill the Joy of Faithfulness
  24. Gather Your People To Comfort And Love
  25. God Calls Us from Darkness
  26. God Envisions Full Redemption
  27. God, Who Is Rich in Mercy’s Grace
  28. Go Now Into the World
  29. Heart Of Love With Grace Abounds
  30. Heaven Waits with Eager Longing - Earth Day Hymn
  31. He Comes to Us as One Unknown
  32. He Knelt to Wash the Feet of Friends
  33. Help Us, Lord, When We're Scared - Based on I Kings 19:1-15a
  34. He Stands Outside the Doors We’ve Closed
  35. He Stood Before the City - Palm Sunday Hymn
  36. How Full Is God's Great Love - Advent Hymn
  37. Hush! Then Heed the Silences - Health and Healing for Those Who Serve
  38. Hymns on Twelve Ephesians Texts
  39. I Have a Dream
  40. If You Would Have New Life 
  41. In Christ Is blessedness
  42. In Christ We Find New Life
  43. In Grief and Aching Sorrow - Written in Response to the Virginia Tech Tragedy
  44. In This Is Love- Based on 1 John 4:7-21
  45. In This Night We Hear Rejoicing - Christmas Eve Hymn
  46. In Righteousness Stand Firm --based on Ephesians 6:10-20
  47. Jesus Conquered Death and Darkness - Easter Hymn
  48. Let Us Kneel Before Our Maker
  49. Lord, Be To Us A Source Of Joy
  50. Majestic Mountains (Also see "Reflections on a Theme: Majestic Mountains.")
  51. Master, What Shall I Do
  52. May the God of Hope So Fill You
  53. O Lord, Our Lord - New Year Hymn
  54. O Sovereign One (with Jackson Henry)
  55. On the Day of Pentecost
  56. O Spirit of the Night - A Prayer to the Holy Spirit
  57. Out Where the Stars Are Born - Health and Healing for Those Who Serve
  58. Praise the Lord for the Woodland Creatures
  59. Promise Of The Lord
  60. Push Out Into the Deep - Based on Luke 5:1-11
  61. Save Us, Lord, from War's Illusions (Beachspring)
  62. Save Us, Lord, from War's Illusions (Beecher)
  63. Shepherd, Source of Our Contentment
  64. Sound the Alarm, the Lord Is Near - Ash Wednesday Hymn
  65. Source of Faith - A Hymn on the Wesleyan Quadrilateral
  66. Source Of Hope
  67. Spirit Of The Lord
  68. Stand in the Spirit's Grace
  69. Take Care in How You Live
  70. The Lord is Near
  71. The Shepherds Heard the Angel's Voice
  72. They Found Purpose for Their Living
  73. Through the Universe, a Story
  74. The Way of Life in Christ
  75. Welcome Home, Precious Child
  76. We Live in Hope - World Aids Day Hymn, December 1
  77. We Stand Before the Cross - Good Friday Hymn
  78. What Would You Sell?
  79. When God Envisioned Love's Birth
  80. When Prophets Come
  81. When The Lord Comes
  82. When the Seeds Of Love Are Sown (Kolby)
  83. When the Seeds Of Love Are Sown (Ratisbon)
  84. When Thomas Heard the Easter News
  85. When Weary Times Confront the Soul
  86. When We Would Neighbor Be - Based on Luke 10:25-37, Micah 6:8
  87. Will You Fulfill the Vow
  88. With Humble Grace - Remembrance for All Who Quietly Serve
  89. Within the Shadow of the Cross
  90. World Did Dwell in Dark and Fear, The - Advent Hymn
  91. Would You Build A Home?


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