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Majestic Mountains

A new creation hymn by F. Richard Garland
Tune: BUNESSAN (UM Hymnal #145)

Scripture: Psalm 121
Topics: Creation, Nature, Environment, Earth Day

"Majestic Mountains" (in pdf)

The author writes of this new hymn, "'Majestic Mountains' has been prompted by my return to Grand Teton National Park in northwestern Wyoming where the Grand Teton Mountains rise majestically from the Snake River Valley and plain. I was first there in 1995 for a mountaineering school and several days of hiking. My visit in 2011 recalled for me many memories and the profound effect that mountains have had in shaping my life, and even my ministry. I have included a theological reflection on the meaning of mountains for me."

Read"Reflections on a Theme: Majestic Mountains" by F. Richard Garland.

Photo, bio, contact information and links to other Garland hymns on the Discipleship Ministries website may be found on the F. Richard Garland composer page.

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