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Hush! Then Heed The Silences

The author writes of this hymn, "I am writing to offer to you for your consideration a new hymn text, Hush! Then Heed the Silences. Written following my return from the rest, reflection, and replenishment of the New England Area Pastor's Assembly, it is another hymn on health and healing for those who serve. As was my first hymn on this theme, Out Where the Stars Are Born, this hymn is suitable for themes of calmness and serenity, healing, Sabbath rest, and personal holiness. It is set to the tune, The Call, by Ralph Vaughn Williams, as adapted by E. Harold Geer."

Hush! Then Heed the Silences (Sibelius format)
Hush! Then Heed the Silences (PDF format)

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