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This hymn, entitled, Go Now into the World, is based on the "Great Commission" of Jesus found in Matthew 28:18-20. The author writes,

On May 18, 2008, the Reverend Beverly Stenmark, then Pastor of the North Kingstown, Rhode Island, United Methodist Church, preaching on the text from Matthew 28:16-20, entitled her sermon "The Five-Point Plan." She pointed out that this familiar text, often called "The Great Commission," contained what might be called "Jesus' "Five-Point Plan." She said: "In today's gospel, we discover Jesus' five-point plan presented to his followers:

  • Point 1: Go
  • Point 2: Make disciples
  • Point 3: Baptize
  • Point 4: Teach
  • Point 5: Remember.

We have called this Five-Point Plan the Great Commission. It's relatively simple and straightforward; but like many plans, it hasn't always been implemented well or understood well by those who are to put it into action. It seemed to me that these five points would provide a wonderful structure for a new hymn on "The Great Commission." This new text "Go Now into the World" is the result.

Go Now Into the World (Sibelius format)
Go Now Into the World (PDF format)

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