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When Weary Times Confront The Soul

Tune: Rest, by William Bradbury

The author of this text writes:

This hymn, the third in a series of new hymns on health and healing for those who serve, was written in response to a sermon by The Reverend Lorene Eldredge, pastor of the North Kingstown [RI] United Methodist Church On February 8, 2009. Using as her texts Isaiah 40: 21-31 and Mark 1: 29-39, she preached on the theme "Strength for the Journey."

Noting how Jesus dealt with weariness, she said: "Jesus knew that a life of faith had to be a life in balance . . . work and rest, work and pray." She observed: "I think sometimes we get so busy we forget we're not God. We think we can do anything, until we fall exhausted, or we get burned out.

We want to do our best, we want to serve God, and forget that we, in fact, are not God." Of the demons that Jesus cast out, she said: "The demons were much like ours: addictions, selfishness, unhealthy lifestyles, behaviors that are contrary to their and our faith." She affirmed that: "A life of faith involves prayer and serving; reading and work; and a life in balance leads to a life of strength in the Lord."

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