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February 2024


Crafting Sacred Moments: Introduction - What is Worship?

Crafting Sacred Moments begins with a reexamination of the fundamentals. What is worship? Why do we do what we do? Why does the order matter? Some of this may seem obvious, but rem...


February 2024


Empowering Small Churches Together

We invite you to a special Zoom meeting aimed at identifying essential resources to aid our small churches in discerning their future paths....


February 2024


Second Sunday in Lent, Year B

If Ash Wednesday and the First Sunday in Lent set us off on our Lenten journey, this week we find out just what this journey will require of us....

Discipleship Ministries at General Conference 2024

Read more about legislation proposed to General Conference for consideration in 2024 by the General Agencies of The United Methodist Church.

Wesley Pilgrimage 2024

The 2024 Wesley Pilgrimage will take place July 27-August 6, 2024. Information on registration, costs, and limited scholarship opportunities are now available.

Discipleship Ministries eLearning

Receive high-quality information that will enrich your faith life! Check out a full list of online course offerings, including some that offer Continuing Education Units.