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May 2024


The Day of Pentecost, Year B

Do you ever feel like planning for Pentecost is like planning a birthday party? This momentous day is almost here, and you find yourself rushing around, collecting all of the brigh...


May 2024


Stewardship That Can Save the World

Join Rev. Dr. Ken Sloane as he unpacks some ways you can empower your people to hear God’s call to be stewards of not just money but all of God’s creation!...


May 2024


Trinity Sunday, Year B

How often do we plan and show up to worship expecting to encounter God? It feels like the right answer should be, “Every week!” But, in reality, I’m sure many of us would prefer no...

Discipleship Ministries at General Conference 2024

Read more about legislation proposed to General Conference for consideration in 2024 by the General Agencies of The United Methodist Church.

SCD 2024

With more than two decades of providing exceptional learning and networking experiences for church leaders, nationally and internationally, SCD is set to empower and inspire again!

Discipleship Ministries eLearning

Receive high-quality information that will enrich your faith life! Check out a full list of online course offerings, including some that offer Continuing Education Units.