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May 2020


Pentecost Sunday, Year A

Pentecost: Another high holy day of the Christian calendar. Called by many the birthday of the church, Pentecost represents a passing of the mantle of sorts—from the Incarnate Chri...


June 2020


Trinity Sunday, Year A

The first Sunday after Pentecost is also called Trinity Sunday. One explanation reports that this is the Sunday where you explain the Trinity. Good luck with that....


June 2020


Second Sunday After Pentecost, Year A

How do you count? Does that seem like an odd question? Maybe it is, but it is still valid. We are entering the longest season on the Christian calendar. Some call it Ordinary Time,...

Our Blogs

A Small Congregation Advantage: From 'Children's Moment' to 'Each Child's Ministry'

Participation culture is not about observing experts. It’s about messy creation with each person’s ordinary gifts.

May 6, 2020

By Teresa Stewart

The Priesthood of All in a Time of Pandemic

Before I was diagnosed with incurable cancer eleven years ago, I prided myself on being a digital skeptic who didn’t own a cell phone and stayed away from social media. Then stage IV cancer came along and broke my back, sidelining me from my full and wonderful life. And in the midst of my cancer quarantine, I was introduced to the loving and healing presence of the body of Christ mediated to me via digital technology.

April 27, 2020

By Dr. Deanna A. Thompson

When We Return

It's time for Level Two courage and creativity. Level One was all the energy and learning that accompanied being thrown into the COVID-19 context for ministry. I'm so grateful for people who gutted it up and figured things out.

April 17, 2020

By John Thornburg