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January 2022


Third Sunday after the Epiphany, Year C

We are continuing the focus on gifts of the Spirit this week. But while last week was to emphasize the unity of the whole community of faith, this week shifts to the individuals wh...


January 2022


Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany, Year C

As we worship, let us sing about loving; let us pray to be more loving; let us hear stories of powerful and transforming love, all with the intention of shaping our everyday lives ...


February 2022


Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany, Year C

This week, the text invites us to go back to where we started. We can reclaim our initial acceptance of the faith, when we first said yes to Jesus, or first said it in public in th...

YOUTH 2023 is Headed to Florida!

We are excited to announce that the tradition continues with YOUTH 2023 in Daytona Beach on July 25-28, 2023. Click to learn more.

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