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May 2022


Seventh Sunday of Easter, Year C

“Good trouble” is a phrase that has grown in the consciousness of the nation. Representative John Lewis, a towering figure for civil rights, coined the phrase; and more than that, ...


June 2022


Pentecost, Year C

It’s Pentecost! Go all out. Use red everywhere, depictions of flame, varieties of wind catchers—kites and streamers and balloons. It’s time for a celebration. That may feel over th...


June 2022


Energize Your Church Through Listening

In these times of stress and uncertainty, it is often difficult for churches to maintain current levels of activity, let alone plan ahead. A period of intentional, prayerful listen...

2022 Annual Conference Resources

Explore high quality resources for supporting your disciple-making process – everything from online discipleship to helpful webinars and new offerings from The Upper Room.

YOUTH 2023 is Headed to Florida!

We are excited to announce that the tradition continues with YOUTH 2023 in Daytona Beach on July 25-28, 2023. Click to learn more.

Discipleship Ministries eLearning

Receive high-quality information that will enrich your faith life! Check out a full list of online course offerings, including some that offer Continuing Education Units.