Grants & Scholarships

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Grants for Ministries with Young People

The purpose of these grants is to fund innovative, creative ministries for, by, and with young people that can serve as model programs for other organizations throughout the United Methodist connection.

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Racial Ethnic Local Church Concerns Grant

The ministry/project must focus on developing and strengthening the racial ethnic local church for witness and mission.

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David W. Self Scholarship

Requirements are that the applicant must be a United Methodist youth that has been active in his/her local church for at least one year prior to application, a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, admitted to a full-time degree program in an accredited college/university, pursuing a “church-related […]

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Global Scholarship Fund

Young People’s Ministries has created the Global Scholarship Fund to financially assist United Methodist young people, ages 18-35, attending a university outside of the United States.

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Sam Taylor Trust Fund Grants: Texas Only

Grants of up to $15,000 supporting Christian education endeavors for adults, in Texas, for Texans, are available through The Sam Taylor Trust within Discipleship Ministries. Applications for the grants are due Sept. 30, 2023.

The Sam Taylor Trust seeks to develop, promote and administer adult educational projects in the State of Texas through short-term conferences, workshops, seminars, consultations, public media, and/or experimental adult education endeavors. This could include training for adults working with children and/or youth.

Discipleship Ministries strategic priorities are to

  1. Improve disciple-making systems in existing local churches;
  2. Increase engagement with people outside the church who claim no religious preference and/or consider the church irrelevant;
  3. Resource new ministry development in Central Conferences.

The proposed project for use of the Sam Taylor Fund should support Discipleship Ministries’ mission and strategic priorities. The application will ask you to describe how your proposed project supports Discipleship Ministries’ mission and strategic priorities. As a reminder, all projects must occur in Texas, for Texans.