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A Choral Reading based on Luke 24:1-12

Reader 1: Early

Readers 1-4: Early

Reader 1: Early on the first day of the week

Reader 2: The women came to the tomb

Reader 3: To anoint his body.

Reader 4: For burial.

Readers 1-4: But an angel

Reader 2: Had rolled the stone away

Readers 1-4: Rolled the stone away?

Reader 2: Rolled the stone away!

Reader 3: And Jesus' body

Reader 4: Was not there.

Readers 1-4: The living Lord was not among the dead.

Reader 3: He was risen

Reader 4: Just as he had said.

Readers 1 & 2: Risen!

Readers 3 & 4: Risen!

Readers 1-4: Risen from the dead

Reader 1: So that

Reader 2: We might rise

Reader 4: From dead ways

Reader 3: From dead deeds

Reader 4: From deadly habits

Readers 1-4: And pass through the valley of death without fear.

Reader 1: The tomb is empty

Reader 2: And Jesus is alive!

Readers 1-4: And so are we!