November 2018 Post-Pentecost Worship Planning Series

Twenty-Fourth Sunday After Pentecost 2018 / All Saints Sunday, Year B

During this series, remind people that God dwells here and desires to be close to us. Our title for this week is “Hope,” and we can dwell in the hope that Christ is coming to abolish death and mourning and pain. As you go through this month, keep your eye on the coming season: Advent. What does it mean to dwell in hope as you move toward Advent?

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Extended Advent (Our series is not doing extended Advent)

Offertory Prayer

God of love and uncountable blessings, we bring our gifts this day in the sight of our cloud of witnesses — the saints who have guided our lives and watch over our faithfulness from heaven’s balcony. As we strive to live out their hope and faith in the promise of your kingdom, may we also rededicate ourselves to live so this world better reflects your kingdom and rule. In Christ, we pray. Amen. Revelation 21:1-6aNOTE: This text is actually from the lectionary readings for Nov. 1, All Saints Day)

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