Celebrating Extended Advent: Why and How-To


Date Recorded: Tuesday, September 15, 2015
Duration: 1 hour
Presenters: Taylor Burton-Edwards , Suzanne Duchesne, Deborah Appler

Hosted by Taylor Burton-Edwards ([email protected]), Director of Worship Resources, Discipleship Ministries with Special Guests The Rev. Suzanne Duchesne (United Methodist pastor, PhD candidate at Drew, and adjunct professor in pastoral theology) and The Rev. Dr. Deborah Appler (United Methodist elder and Old Testament professor at Moravian Theological Seminary).

This hour-long webinar, conducted in an interview format, will introduce you to the modern recovery of the early church's practice of a seven-week Advent, why a growing number of United Methodists and others are pursuing it, and the difference it makes in their worship and spiritual lives. Then we'll turn to practical, how-tos to help your congregation join this growing movement this year. Webinar attendees will be able to ask their questions and hear directly from our panelists as well.

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