Brought Home in the Spirit

Living the Spirit Life

Third Sunday after Pentecost, Year C

Home is a recurring theme for worship. The call to come home, the desire to go home, feeling a sense of home all strike at the heart of who we are as human beings. This is why we return again and again to these themes.

Call to Worship

God is a God who calls.
We have gathered to worship and to hear that call.
God is a God who equips.
We are here to worship and to be shaped into the body of Christ.
God is a God who sends.
We are here to worship so that we can carry that spirit of worship out into the world where we live.
God is a God who blesses.
We are here to worship and to request a double share of that blessing.
Let us worship God.

Rev. Dr. Derek C. Weber, Discipleship Ministries, 2021

Prayer of Petition

(inspired by 2 Kings 2:1-14)

Elisha said, “Please let me inherit a double share of your spirit.” 2 Kings 2:9

God of power,
without your love we can do nothing.
Give us a double share of your spirit
so that we can work together,
across the world,
to bring about the end of poverty for all.
Teach us to follow the examples of the prophets,
to speak clearly alongside the poor
and to work tirelessly for the good of all people.
Through your Son Jesus Christ
who brought healing and love to the whole world.

From the Monthly Prayers page of the Christian Aid website. Reposted:

Prayer for Immigrants

Our God, you have given us in your word
the stories of persons who needed to leave their homelands—
Abraham, Sarah, Ruth, Moses.

Help us to remember
that when we speak of immigrants and refugees,
we speak of Christ.

In the One who had no place to lay his head,
and in the least of his brothers and sisters,
you come to us again, a stranger seeking refuge.

We confess that we often turn away.

You have chosen that the life of Jesus be filled
with events of unplanned travel and flight from enemies.

You have shown us through the modeling of Jesus
how we are called to relate to persons from different nations and cultures.
You have called us to be teachers of your word.

We ask you, our God, to open our minds and hearts
to the challenge and invitation
to model your perfect example of love.

Adapted from Justice for Immigrants, “Prayer and Liturgy Suggestions,” originally posted on the Justice for Immigrants website.

Available now on the NC Council of Churches website.

Prayer of Confession

(inspired by Galatians 5:13-25, Luke 9:51-62)

We struggle to manifest the fruits of the Spirit,
but often find ourselves bound by works of the flesh.
We know the whole law is summed up
in the single commandment
to love our neighbor as ourselves.
Yet we create fences around ourselves to keep neighbors outside
and tell ourselves we have no responsibility.
Even in our own back yard we “bite and devour” one another.
We wish it were different.
When Jesus calls us to follow him,
we find every excuse to instead go home
or to the workplace to finish something more important first.
Yet we yearn to be more centered on You.

Silent confession.....

Assurance of Pardon

Despite our resistance,
we can be assured that God’s strong arm redeems the people.
God calls us back to God’s realm, and encourages us
with a love we can never lose no matter how hard we push back,
no matter how often we forget, no matter how far we stray.
We need but ask and we are forgiven.

From Putting on the Mantle: Service Prayers for the 6th Sunday after Pentecost, written by The Rev. Catherine Rolling. Posted on the United Church of Christ’s Worship Ways website. Reposted:

Commission & Benediction

Go out into the world in peace.
Live as those who have already passed from death to life.
Give aid and be willing to receive it,
trust and be trusted,
forgive and be forgiven,
give respect and be respected,
love and be willing to be loved.
In the name of the three person’d God I bless you.
Grace mercy and peace be with you always.
And also with you.

Written by Bruce Prewer, and posted on Bruce Prewer’s Home Page. Reposted:

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