The End that Wasn't

In Awe of Grace

Easter Sunday, Year A

You will see him, that’s the message of Easter. You will see him, the living one, the alive one, him. And in that seeing, you’ll be able to breathe deeply again. Happy Easter.

Every day is a holy day if you live into the truth of the ever-present God. Every moment is a moment rich with possibility and hope; every relationship is a potential insight into the activity of the Spirit; every conversation, a living word of grace and peace. “Best of all,” John Wesley supposedly said as his last words, “God is with us.” Amen.

Palm/Passion Sunday is technically the end of the season of Lent and is usually included in the Lenten worship series. This year, however, we decided to put together this short series to shepherd us through this roller coaster of a week, attempting to touch on the highs and the lows and ever-present redeeming grace of God. While we didn’t include services for the Monday through Wednesday of Holy Week, it would be easy to do so. Carry through the sense of wonder and amazement; walk with Jesus in the last week of his incarnated and earthly life. Read the story and then bow in wonder, reflect in awe, corporately or individually. Give your congregation guides to prayer for them to use at home or call them together to worship on bended knee. But we invite reflection and prayer, confession, and thanksgiving for this amazing week. Invite your congregation this Holy Week and Easter to stand in awe of grace.

Following are suggestions for this high, holy time of the church year. You know your context best, so choose those songs that will bring comfort but also challenge people to look deeper at their faith and spiritual journey.


  • TFWS: The Faith We Sing
  • UMH: The United Methodist Hymnal
  • W&S: Worship and Song

Easter Sunday, Year A

  • Christ Is Alive! Let Christians Sing UMH 318
  • Christ Is Risen! Shout Hosanna! UMH 307
  • Christ Is Risen, Christ Is Living UMH 313
  • Christ the Lord Is Risen Today UMH 302
  • Cristo Vive UMH 313
  • Crown Him with Many Crowns UMH 327
  • Easter People, Raise Your Voices UMH 304
  • Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise UMH 312
  • He Is Lord, He Is Lord! UMH 177
  • He Lives UMH 310
  • We Sang Our Glad Hosannas TFWS 2111
  • You, Lord, Are Both Lamb and Shepherd W&S 3043
  • The Day of Resurrection UMH 303
  • Alleluia UMH 186
  • Alleluia (Honduras) TFWS 2078
  • At the Font We Start Our Journey TFWS 2114

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