Testimony to the Resurrection

Easter Season 2018 Worship Planning Series

Second Sunday of Easter 2018, Year B

Today we begin the first of two mini-series that will take us through the great fifty days of Easter. In the first series, “In the Name of Jesus,” we will be focusing on what it means to claim the power of the name of Jesus as his followers. We will journey with the first disciples through the early chapters in the book of Acts, following them as they plant the very first Christian church and identifying how claiming the name of Jesus was the source of their strength, healing power and salvation.

Testimony to the Resurrection — In the Name of Jesus Worship Series on a drawn graphic of a stone being rolled away from a tomb

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​Easter Worship Series for Youth guide

Each week, the Easter Worship Series for Youth guide includes an icebreaker, a lesson and discussion guide, and an activity to help you prepare for your youth group or Sunday School experience. This week's lesson is focused on Acts 4:32-35. Explore the Testimony to the Resurrection youth guide »

Offertory Prayer

Gracious God, you are faithful and just! Through the resurrection of your Son Jesus, you have given great grace to us all. You call us to share the word of eternal life with others so that our joy may be complete. Light the way for us as we seek to live in fellowship with Christ. May these offerings reflect the grace of our risen Lord, in whose name we pray. Amen. (1 John 1:1-2:2)

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