Propers for a Great Thanksgiving for the Festival of Creation Sunday

by the Rev. Kirk Nave

The structure of this Great Thanksgiving is based on Word and Table II from The United Methodist Hymnal (1989). Below are pieces to add to that prayer with indications where to add each. 


After: "and breathed into us the breath of life" (UMH 9)
You set us free to live in your garden,
and gave us dominion over all other creatures.
You put us in your garden to till it and to keep it.
But we have treated your garden as if it were ours,
and we have exploited and damaged it to please our own desires.

Continue with : "When we turned away…"

After "and spoke to us through your prophets"
to call us back to you,
and to our responsibility
as stewards of your creation.

Continue with "And so, with your people"

After "and blessed is your Son Jesus Christ" add:
Whom you sent in the fullness of time
to redeem us and all creation,
and to proclaim the coming of your kingdom,
when all things will be restored.

Continue with: "By the baptism of his suffering…"

After: "And so, in remembrance … in Jesus Christ" (UMH 10)
we offer ourselves as instruments of your redemption
and as gardeners in your creation

Continue with: "in union with Christ's offering…"


After "and on these gifts of"
the earth: bread and wine

Continue with: "Make them be for us…"

After: "one in ministry"
of healing your creation,
and all souls within it

Continue with: "until Christ comes in final victory"


The Rev. Kirk Nave is pastor of River Road United Methodist Church in Richmond, Virginia.

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