The Astounded Crowd

Season After Epiphany 2019, Part 2 Worship Planning Series

Eighth Sunday After the Epiphany/Transfiguration 2019, Year C

Jesus embodies what many of us seem to forget. He shows us the importance of setting apart in prayer before coming back to see all the people informed in the fullness of God’s glory. In him, we are reminded to trust in the essential directions we have been provided to pray, listen, and care for the holistic needs of people.

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Offertory Prayer

Transforming God, we come to your altar this morning, knowing that in our giving and in our living, we have often put “just enough” into living our faith so as not to impact our lifestyle or cause too much discomfort. We have been reluctant to let go of our affinity for the things of this world; and in our attachments, we have often missed the opportunity for the transformed lives you desire for us. May our offering this morning be an invitation to living a life radically transformed by your power, love, and grace. We pray this in the mighty love of Jesus. Amen. (Luke 9:28-43)

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