Gifted for Others

Season After Epiphany 2019, Part 1 Worship Planning Series

Second Sunday After the Epiphany 2019, Year C

As we move from baptisms and remembering our baptism, we recognize that the gift of baptism is only the beginning. We should begin to discover, or if it has been a while, perhaps rediscover our God-given gifts — equipping us for a lifelong journey as disciples. We were redeemed for a reason, and we are given gifts to fulfill a greater purpose.

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Offertory Prayer

Holy God who gives and then gives more: it’s the offering time again. We pass the plate and place a gift of money to sustain the mission of your church, here and around the world. We are reminded that we have other gifts as well, not noted on our bank statements or balance sheets. You have given each of us spiritual gifts, not to make us rich but to make the world richer, more compassionate and more just, because we were here. Open our eyes to those gifts, and where and when you would have us use them. In the Savior’s name, we pray. Amen. (1 Corinthians 12:1-11)


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