November 2018 Post-Pentecost Worship Planning Series

Twenty-Fifth Sunday After Pentecost 2018, Year B

In a period of deep division and brokenness in our country, what difference does and could Jesus make? Where does the good news speak into the places that seem hopeless and lost? Do we live as if the weight and power of sin has already been taken away and that Jesus’ sacrifice and love is available and intended for all people?

Dwellings Worship Series, week 2: VICTORY
November 11, 2018

For the month of November, we constructed a series by combining the All Saints Readings from November 1 with regular readings for the rest of the month. This series begins with All Saints Day and ends with Christ the King Sunday, with readings from Revelation. In the two middle weeks, we look at the readings from Hebrews. In this series, we ask the questions: “Where does God dwell? Where do we dwell?”

Heather Heizman Lear, Director of Evangelism and our Preaching Notes writer for this season, asks questions that may guide your worship planning. How can your worship proclaim truly living into Jesus’ victory? You may decide to include a time of faith sharing during this service. If you go this route, consider speaking to members of your congregation ahead of time. Have two or three people prepare short statements and rehearse these statements ahead of time. Or consider focusing outward into your community.Is God dwelling in victory in your community? Can you see it? If not, can you see where God is calling your church to be a part of the coming Kingdom of God?

If Thanksgiving week is especially busy in your congregation, consider holding a community event this week, a week and a half ahead of Thanksgiving, to celebrate victory in faith, in God, and in God’s work. This may look like a classic church potluck open to your community. It may look different depending on your context.

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