The Outsiders Join Us

Easter Season 2018 Worship Planning Series

Sixth Sunday of Easter 2018, Year B

This service begins with a quick, confident act of recognition of all persons who have started a connection with the congregation or its ministries during the past year. Last week focused primarily on outreach ministries to people who are different from the dominant culture and socio-economic location of people in your congregation. This week focuses on people who are finding a home among you recently primarily in worship, Christian formation ministries, and other ministries of the church.

In the Power of the Holy Spirit The Outsiders Join Us

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Easter Worship Series for Youth guide

Each week, the Easter Worship Series for Youth guide includes an icebreaker, a lesson and discussion guide, and an activity to help you prepare for your youth group or Sunday School experience. This week's lesson is focused on Acts 10:9-48. Explore The Outsiders Join Us youth guide »


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Offertory Prayer

O Lord, you are the victorious King! You have revealed your victory over death through Jesus’ resurrection. With joyful songs we rejoice in your marvelous deeds. Let our voices and actions reflect your saving power. Use our gifts to help more people to know your steadfast love in Christ, until the day when this world is made new in your kingdom. Amen. (Psalm 98)

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