The Meaning of Baptism in the United Methodist Church

The Meaning of Baptism in the United Methodist Church - Mark W. StammThe Meaning of Baptism in The United Methodist Church is a new companion booklet to By Water and the Spirit for individual and small group study. It is available at no cost as a download, or for the cost of shipping in booklet form through the end of 2017 (contact vrucker@umcdiscipleship.org to order booklets).

Through baptism, we are born anew by the free gift of God and placed within this family called church. As with most families, we inherit a narrative, in this case God's mighty acts narrated in scripture. The narrative we inherit is not only one of the past, but one into which we are now invited and the Spirit empowers us to embody it in our own lives, here and now. Through baptism, we become part of that unfolding narrative of God's grace.

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Dr. Mark A. Stamm, the developer of this resource, is Professor of Christian Worship at Perkins School of Theology, and author of several other Discipleship Resources titles including Our Membership Vows, Devoting Ourselves to the Prayers, Extending he Table, and Sacraments and Discipleship.

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