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Planned Giving Brochures

These brochures may be helpful in educating members of your congregation on the potential blessings of making planned gifts. You can download them individually or all together as a zip file.

10 Ways to Use Life Insurance for Planned Giving [PDF]
Life insurance has been around for only about 200 years and now represents a $1.5 trillion business. The average family owns more than $25,000 of life insurance, yet little of this money ever finds its way into the church. This presentes a tremendous opportunity for charitable giving.

Giving Is An Act of Faith: Why it Makes Sense to Give [PDF]
As Christians we share in the affirmation that all we have comes from God. It is our joy to take care of God’s trust in us for our family, for ourselves, and for the world. When we recognize God in all we have, all we are, and all we do, giving becomes an act of faith.

Basic Estate Planning Tools [PDF]
Effective estate planning is an act of life and faith that affirms God’s hand in all of creation. It affirms our existence as “stewards” with management responsibilities over what God has placed in our care. The purpose of this brochure is to provide you with information about various estate planning documents: wills, trusts, and powers of attorney.

Living Trusts: What Are They? Who Needs Them? [PDF]
Living trusts are a smart, affordable way to protect the things that matter most.

Wills: A Christian's Guide to Changing and Updating Your Will [PDF]
Isn't a will forever? That depends! Your will may never need revision. However, for many of us, a will is not forever. It may need to be revised occasionally as circumstances change.

Wills: Should I Include the Church in My Estate Planning? [PDF]
When we Christians plan our estates we face the same considerations everyone else does – persons, properties and plans to provide for. But we also have a consideration that is unique to persons in the church – “Should the church be included in my will?” As more and more thoughtful Christians ponder this issue we hear many helpful statements about why people are learning the satisfaction of giving to the ministries of the church through a Christian will.

Wills: A Christian's Guide to Writing Your Own Will [PDF]
So, you want to have a will, but you have no idea where to begin. In fact, the hardest part about writing a will is knowing where to start. These helpful suggestions and insights should get you going in the right direction.

Wills: A Christian's Guide to Successful Estate Planning [PDF]
We spend our lives acquiring things. We get an education. We work hard and strive for the best. The church teaches us that faithful stewardship of our possessions is important. As Christians, we want to be good stewards of God’s gifts and trust. A will lets us determine how what we acquire in our lifetime will be distributed when we no longer need it. A will is one of the tools of a faithful steward.

WIlls: No Will? No Way! [PDF]
You work diligently. You try to be a faithful steward by protecting what God has given you and by allowing what you possess to multiply. You have learned the Christian’s responsibility of faithful stewardship. Doesn’t that responsibility include being a faithful steward of your estate?

Wills: A Christian's Guide to Maximum WILL Power [PDF]
The use of a properly drawn will enables Christians to provide for their family’s needs and their charitable interests with one document. Your will is the most flexible way to put your values and wishes into actions. By using your Will Power, however, you can decide how these matters ought to be settled. You will find peace and a great deal of satisfaction when you make a proper will.

DOWNLOAD all planned giving brochures [.zip]

These publications do not attempt to give any legal or tax advice. For advice in specific situations, the services of competent legal, tax, or financial planning professionals should be obtained.

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