A bell is sounded, inviting us to silence.

In the silence and turmoil of our hearts:
the voice of the Risen One calls us
and bids us set sail.

"The Summons" (Song Sheet)

Verse 1
Interlude (Hum)
Verse 5

Prayer of Illumination

In your company we go
where your love and footsteps show.
Let us live and move and grow
in you and you in us.

Reading : Mark 5:21-24ª, 35b-43


Prayers of the People
"If (As) You Believe and I Believe," Worship & Song, 3121

For your church and your mission…
For all peoples and their leaders…
For the earth you have given...
For the sick, the suffering, and all in bondage…
For all of our neighbors…
For the dead in all places…
For the forgiveness of our sins…

We do believe, we all believe, and have together prayed.
The Holy Spirit has come down to cleanse all sin away…
To cleanse all sin away, to cleanse all sin away,
The Holy Spirit has come down to cleanse all sin away!

Peace is with us.
Peace is over us.
Peace is under our feet.

Christ within us,
Christ among us,
All around us is peace.

The people exchange signs of peace and love.

The Great Thanksgiving

Holy Wisdom is with us.
We praise you, Christ Crucified.
Holy Spirit breathes in us.
Spirit of Power, Spirit of Life!
Holy Source of All draws near.
In you alone we boast!
With all creation we sing:

Sanctus— Worship & Song, 3171 A (call and response form)

Holy are you, O God,
Sender of your people,
Maker of wind and wave.

Holy are you, O God.

Holy are you, O God,
enfleshed in Jesus,
silencing fears and certainties,
strengthening wavering faith.

Holy are you, O God.

Holy the food Jesus gave,
when on the night of his betrayal
he took bread, blessed it and broke it,
and gave it to his disciples.
Holy the words he spoke then,
and your Spirit speaks still:
"This is my body broken for you. Remember me."

Holy the drink Jesus offered, O God,
when that same night he took the cup,
thanked you and shared it.
Holy the words he spoke then,
and your Spirit speaks still:
"This is my blood of the new covenant for you. Remember me."

We remember you,
Source, Wisdom and Spirit of Holiness.
We praise you not only with our lips
but with our lives:

Jesus Christ,
crucified, you called and claimed us,
risen, you have raised us,
coming again, you make all things new.
Even so, come Lord Jesus! Hallelujah!

Even so, come and fill this feast, Holy Spirit,
Spirit of Power, Spirit of Life.

Come upon us and these gifts of bread and wine.

Make them be for us what Jesus says they are,
Christ's body, Christ's blood.

Make us become what Jesus prays we are,
one body in him empowered and enlivened by his blood.

So may this food and drink be holy,
and nourish us in holy conversation this day
as on that day we feast
in new creation.

And now and ever,
all glory to you,
Holy Spirit, Holy Wisdom, Holy Source
of all that was, and is, and is to come.


The presider breaks the bread and lifts the cup.

Thanksgiving after Communion:

Faithful your love in us,
steadfast your way,
mighty your power to save;
your matchless holiness
dwells in our lives.
Jesus in us, God in our flesh,
risen from death, coming again,
you are our joy, joy beyond pain,
we live to declare your reign. Amen.


May our holy God,
who meets us at the shoreline of our distress
and bids us to believe,
be with us in our fears and in our longings,
be our deliverance in every trial
and fill us with amazement.


Processional Song: "We Will Take What You Offer" (Song Sheet)

Download pdf of this service.


Entrance, based on "Afternoon Prayers for Justice and Peace," Iona Abbey Worship Book (Glasgow, Scotland: The Iona Community/Wild Goose Publications, 2001), p. 150. Used by permission ONE LICENSE #

A Great Thanksgiving based on Mark 4:35-41, by Taylor Burton-Edwards, Copyright © 2012, Discipleship Ministries. Used by permission.

Thanksgiving after Communion, adapted from "Faithful your love in us," by Taylor Burton-Edwards, Copyright © 2011, Discipleship Ministries. Used by permission.

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