You Are Looking for Jesus

You Are Looking for Jesus

Easter Sunday 2024, Year B

Easter Sunday is here. Easter Sunday comes with a lot of pressure—the pressure to bring our very best, to adorn the sanctuary in flowers and signs of new life, to preach an amazing sermon declaring the good news of the Resurrection, to sing our hearts out with songs of joy and new life.

Call to Worship

The tomb is dark, but empty
The one you are looking for has overcome the darkness
The stone has been rolled away
The one you are looking for has overcome death
The burial clothes are put aside
The one you are looking for is alive!
Christ is Risen!
Christ is Risen Indeed!
Let us worship our Risen Savior!

Written by Rev. Mindi on her Rev-o-lution blog, Re-posted on the re:Worship blog at

Prayer for the Day

“Christ is risen!”
“He is risen indeed!”

We repeat our Easter shouts of
surprise and joy
again and again,
for news of your victory
over powers of death and evil
is news so startling
so amazing
so different from the news that bombards us day by day.

Beyond our comprehension
You startle us again and again
with resurrection Life,
bringing grace and hope and joy.

You, in your risen power,
are shaping all our days,
and so we praise you,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen

Written by Christine Jerrett, and posted on Christine Jerrett: Reflections on being the Church in God’s new creation, Re-posted on the re:Worship blog at

Prayer of Confession

(Unison prayer)

Gracious and Patient God, we come before you with so many things which weigh us down. We would like an "easy" faith, one that doesn’t cause us to look within ourselves, to identify those many ways in which we have forsaken you. But faith is never easy. It requires our very souls. Forgive us, God, for all those things which we have neglected to do that would have helped someone else to be closer to you. Heal our hearts from the wounds which have been inflicted upon us by the anger and misunderstandings which occur in relationships. Prepare our lives to be of service to you. In silence, we wait. We long for your presence and your healing touch. AMEN.

Words of Assurance

God is merciful. God is slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. Feel the healing, loving power of God in your lives, for it is given to you through Jesus Christ. Amen.

Written by Nancy C. Townley, posted on the Ministry Matters website at


Because the tomb is empty, your life can be full, so go into every place and every day as people brimming with the love of God.
Be graceful in spirit, hopeful in word, faithful in deed.
Live for the risen Christ as Christ lives in you.
Alleluia and Amen!

Written by Glen E. Rainsley, in Touch Holiness: Resources for Worship, Updated, ed. Ruth C. Duck and Maren C. Tirabassi (Cleveland: The Pilgrim Press, 2012), 91.

For use in worship, please use the following notice:

Reprinted by permission of the publisher from Touch Holiness, ed. Ruth C. Duck and Maren C. Tirabassi. Copyright ©1990 by The Pilgrim Press.

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Easter Sunday, Year B - Lectionary Planning Notes