When God Came Down Like Fire

Pentecost is both an event in the life of the church and a season that lives out the implications of the event. Pentecost Sunday marks the shift in the liturgical calendar from telling the story of Jesus, our Messiah and Savior, to telling the story of the church, the ones who choose to be disciples of Jesus the Christ. It doesn’t mean, of course, that we stop talking about Jesus or that the church doesn’t appear in the first half of the liturgical year. It does mean that this long season we sometimes call Ordinary Time is our time, the church’s time to remember the sending of the Great Commission and the empowerment of the Pentecost event and to live our faith out loud in the world, reflecting the values and priorities of the kin-dom of God. To shore us up for the long journey ahead of us, we remember the sending. We remember the moment when fire came from heaven and the power of the Spirit blew through the church with gale-force winds. And then we stop in adoration and awe as we consider the source of this power and the sustaining presence that is ours in this endeavor of faith. So, a short, two-week series this time, Pentecost Sunday and Trinity Sunday together. Join us as we remember together the time when God came like fire.

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