There Is Now

Here at the end of the liturgical year, we claim the present reality. We claim the reign of Christ; we claim the indwelling Spirit; we claim the presence of our Lord. The “there” we were looking for is here, now. So, “There is Now” is our theme for these last weeks of the season. Our guide for this experience is the amazing twenty-fifth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew. In this chapter is a unique presentation of the coming kin-dom of God and what it means to be a part of it. In the run up to Reign of Christ Sunday or what many call Christ the King Sunday, we examine what living under the reign of Christ means, not just for the someday of fulfillment but for today, as we are now and not yet a part of that kin-dom. The “there” of the kin-dom becomes the “now” of our living out the call each and every day.

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