April 2024


We Abide in Christ

How Shall We Live

Fourth Sunday of Easter, Year B

Our final week in the series, “How Shall We Live?” calls us to live out the love and joy we have found in our life in Christ.

Note to the Teacher

The main idea for this week centers on discussing what it means to abide in Christ through love, action, and obedience, as conveyed in 1 John 3:16-24. In our icebreaker, "Word Connection," groups create stories using key theme words to enhance team communication and creativity. The discussion involves ten questions focusing on the practical application of faith, emotional intelligence, and the complexities of ethical dilemmas in living out Christian love. The active learning component involves creating "Heartfelt Messages," where students craft and share encouraging cards with the community, demonstrating love and obedience in action and reflecting the theme of abiding in Christ.

Icebreaker: ‘Word Connection’

Divide students into groups of three to five. Give each group a set of words related to the theme (e.g., abide, love, heart, action, obedience). Once they receive the words, they have five minutes to create a story or scenario using all the words. After the time is up, each group shares its story with the class. If students need help defining the words, please help them, using the tools that are most helpful in your context.

Read: 1 John 3:16-24.

Discussion Questions

  • What does it mean to "abide in Christ," according to 1 John 3:16-24?
  • What do you think it means for our “hearts to condemn us” (or not!), as mentioned in the text?
  • Discuss a time when you faced a challenge between being comfortable and helping others. How did you respond?
  • What role does this passage suggest emotions play in our decision-making?
  • How do you balance personal boundaries with the call to love and serve others?
  • How can we respond to global issues while maintaining our personal faith and well-being?
  • Look at verse 16 where the author shares that love means laying down our lives for others. That verse could be read literally. It also could be read figuratively, where demonstrating love for others means setting aside things that are important to you personally or that take up a lot of your time and energy to focus on and give to others, as mentioned in verse 17. Are there things that keep you busy and focused on yourself that God may be asking you to set aside or lay down for a while to serve others?

Active Learning Activity: ‘Heartfelt Messages’

Begin by giving each student a blank card and art supplies. Once they have their supplies, explain that you want them to create a card with a message or artwork that reflects the theme of loving in truth and action. When they finish, go around, and let them share what they chose. Ask them how this small act of kindness is a way of putting their faith into action and abiding in Christ.

After the sharing is over, collect the cards and deliver them to shut-ins or nursing homes to help share God’s love and grace with your community.

Materials Needed

  • Cards with words from today’s theme
  • Blank note cards
  • Art supplies