Because God

In this Ordinary Time worship series, we engage in a Gospel/Epistle tango as we move between some of the more startling stories of Jesus and his earthly ministry and Paul’s attempt to put a frame of possibility and understanding around the story of Jesus. Sometimes guided by Matthew’s storytelling, other times led by the beautifully weighty prose of the Epistle to the Romans, we dig down into core of our lived-out faith. How do we live into these miraculous moments in Jesus’ life in our world today? Are we called to be miracle workers too? Or is there something else going on here? What if we’re asking the wrong question about the statements and actions of Jesus? What if it isn’t supposed to be a “how,” but a “why?” What if it’s not a behavior to emulate, but a motivation to live as followers of Jesus? That is why the longer title for our series is “God’s How Is Our Why.” But perhaps you can grab hold of a simpler one: “Because God!”

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