Woman Warriors

by Nakakakena (Boe Harris)
Women warriors aren't all gone --
They're still standing tall --
They're still fighting strong --

Once there were many --
Extermination, scalp bounties, reservations made them few --
But they have risen again taking on a new view --

Arising to the changes --
Arising from within --
Arising for the salvation of their culture, children and their men --

Earth mothers one and all --
Gathering together, hearing the call ---
Strong enough again . . . not willing to fall!!!!

It is said --
No people go down unless the hearts of their women are on the ground.

Boe Harris-Nakakakena (which means 'rattles with feet') is a member of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa and Spirit Lake Dakota tribal groups. Boe travels and does presentations extensively and is known also for her gifts in traditional dance, jingle dance and Native American flute. Boe Harris-Nakakakena is a member of the St. John's UMC in Seaford, Delaware.

Copyright 2009 © Boe Harris (Nakakakena). Used by Permission. Reproduction granted for use in church worship services. Any further use beyond worship services must be with permission from the author.

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