Woman Empowered

by Daphine L. Strickland

For the Easter Season

"Woman Empowered" is a skit about Mary Magdalene based on John 20: 1-18. It can be performed at Easter services. It is meant to show that Jesus honored women when he appeared to Mary before he appeared to the twelve disciples.


I was there looking
At him, hanging there
On the cross. He had been
Beaten so badly that I hardly
Recognized Him. I just stood there.

Daphine Locklear Strickland is a member of the Lumbee/Tuscarora tribes. She is an active laywoman in the United Methodist church who enjoys writing for the church and for the United Methodist connection. Daphine is a member of the Triad Native American UMC in Greensboro, North Carolina

Copyright 2009 © Daphine Locklear Strickland. Used by Permission. Reproduction granted for use in church worship services. Any further use beyond worship services must be with permission from the author.

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