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We Would See Jesus

Words: J. Edgar Park, 1913
Music: Jackson Henry, 2009
Topics: Epiphany, Life of Jesus

This hymn has an interesting place in The United Methodist Hymnal in that it straddles the lines between an Epiphany song and a song celebrating the life of Jesus. It is possible to sing this at any time during the church year. In addition, while it does not specifically address Jesus as a young boy, this is one of a very few hymns that lifts up Jesus' life as a boy or young man- the "light of the village life."

This new setting of an older text is in the style of a slow, lilting, folk ballad and should be played and sung with a light swing. Notes are all written in the treble clef, but harmonies are given and can be sung in a variety of different arrangements (S, SA, SAT, TB, TTB, etc.). Find what works in your context and give this setting a try. It can be used as a congregational song or a standalone piece by a vocal/instrumental ensemble. Suggested instrumental accompaniment is guitar, bass, fiddle, and others as available, but it can also be accompanied with one guitar or piano.

We Would See Jesus [Sibelius]

We Would See Jesus [PDF]

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