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The Insanity of Killing Young Black Men

Look there, lying in the cold paved streets, another parent's son with blood flowing from a cold body that has been claimed -- even though unarmed!

Listen: cries of sorrow, shouts of justice from bold voices rallying a cry of love and peace!

Listen closely. Can you hear the feet and wheelchairs rolling out in the street to protest violence and promote a cry for peace to say, "Hello police, stop using your badges for shooting and killing innocence rather than protecting us!"

Let us- pause to pray, plan to protest, and purpose to push out the devils and educate our children how to have courage and ability to survive and not die!

Lovingly, let us seek justice and certainly not give up the struggle to strive for life, love, and liberty!!!!

No, No More, NO NO NO MORE!

Save our sons and share our need to speak up and stand strong

The struggle continues -- The victory is ours-- Seek God and share Jesus!

Shalom. PEACE.

Showers of Blessing

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