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Service of Worship During the Firestorm

Gathering Music

Scripture: Psalm 121

Hymn: "O God, Our Help in Ages Past," 117, United Methodist Hymnal

Scripture: 1 Kings 19:11-13

Prayer for the Firestorm

The wind has been howling for hours. The wind did not lie down and rest after sunset. The wind partied and raced down the streets with no worries. It never stopped all through the night. It will not stop tonight.

The wind took embers as its dancing partner. They danced through meadows and along mountain trails and leaped on the roof tops and across freeways.

We will not be lighting a candle tonight, Lord.
We mean no disrespect.
We remember that we light candles
in worship to show you honor.
But not tonight.

Tonight, Lord, igniting any flame is too close to home. Some whom we know have been evacuated. They left their homes not knowing if they would ever see their home again. Some of your children have seen the fire storm consume their home. Tonight, flames remind us only of ash and soot, destruction and heartache.

So we gather here to pray:

We pray for those who fight the fires with their shovels and hoses, those who pilot aircraft that dump water on the fire, those who give directions and escort people to safety, and those who water roofs and save houses.

(Moment of silence for personal prayers)

We pray for those whose bodies ache, whose lungs are sore, and who have not rested in order to save people, pets, and property.

We pray for those who have been displaced, those living in their cars, those who are sleeping in hotels, those who are on the move, those who wait in rescue centers, and those traveling with relatives.

(Moment of silence for personal prayers)

We pray for those who cannot breathe well and whose lives are danger from the air they breathe.

We pray for those who do not know
if their houses remain, and those
who wait without hearing any news at all.

(Moment of silence for personal prayers)

We pray for those who have lost homes and photographs, treasures and pets.

We pray for those who suffered injuries in the firestorm, and especially for families who have lost a family member to the wildfires. And we pray for those persons whom we know and love whose lives have been disrupted by the wildfires. We especially lift up to your care . . .

(Please say aloud the names of the person you are concerned about.)

Finally, O God, we pray that the winds may cease their dancing, that the humidity will increase, and that those who fight the firestorm will gain renewed strength. May your traveling mercies be with all those on the move. May your courage be with those fighting the fire. May your comfort be with all those who are hurting.

Remind us, that wherever we go, you go with us. And that one day you will bring us all home to you. Amen.

Words of Hope

"Kum Ba Yah," 494, United Methodist Hymnal, verses 1-4

Blessing and Postlude

This prayer service was held on Monday night, October 22, at Mesa Verde United Methodist Church in Costa Mesa, California. It was submitted by the pastor, the Rev. Mark Wiley.

Service of Worship During the Firestorm Copyright 2007 The Rev. Mark Wiley, Senior Pastor, Mesa Verde United Methodist Costa Mesa, CA. Published by Discipleship Ministries.

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