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Send Forth Your Church

Words: Ray Capo, 2014
Music: tune, DEUS TUORUM MILITUM, from Grenoble Antiphoner, 1753; harm. Ralph Vaughan Williams, 1906

This hymn is by Ray Capo, a member of St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Columbus, Georgia. It was written for the installment service of the new rector,the Rev. Grace Burton-Edwards, September 4, 2014, in a service of celebration of ministry for all of St. Thomas' parishioners. Verse one includes the church's motto, "to know Christ and to make Christ known," as well as Thomas' words, "My Lord and my God." Verse 4 focuses on the ministry of the new pastor, as the minister of God's Word and Sacraments.

"Send Forth Your Church" (Sibelius)

"Send Forth Your Church" (pdf)