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Save—Spend—Give: Banks for Children

Are you looking for a concrete way to help your children develop money habits of saving, spending, and giving that will last a lifetime? Here are several websites where you can either purchase a pre-made bank or make one from scratch.

S3 Bank Kit
The S3 Bank Kit is available for purchase from Share, Save, Spend. Founder Nathan Dungan's ungirding philosophy is linking money decisions with values. His goal is to engage, educate, and equip individuals and families for a lifetime of healthy money habits. This we site is packed with wonderful resources for parents, teens, and children.

Financial Peace Junior Kit
The Financial Peace Junior Kit is a product offered through Dave Ramsey, a personal money management expert, a popular national radio personality, and best-selling author. Most famous for his course titled “Financial Peace University,” Dave takes these basic money concepts and presents them in a kid-friendly way. This is a great resource for a family wanting to teach their children money management.

Pinterest – "Kids and Banking"
This Pinterest page offers many creative ways to make your our Save-Spend-Give banks from everyday objects. This is a great way to involve your children in making their own personalized banks.

Money Savvy Pig
This bank system is offered by Money Savvy Generation website. Their goal is helping kids get smart about money. Founder Susan Beacham, a mother of two girls, has worked in the banking system for years, seeing first-hand how many people struggled with basic concepts of personal finance. This bank system encourages saving, spending, donating, and investing.

Moonjar LLC was established in 2001 by Eulalie Scandiuzzi to inspire and incorporate strong financial values and practices into everyday life. Her goal is to bring financial literacy to children and families around the globe.

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