Sample Covenant Conclusions

  • Knowing that the grace of God works in each of us, I pray that my heart be opened to God's presence, that my eyes be opened to see the sorrows and joys of God's creatures, and that my ears be opened to hear God's will so that I will have the strength to keep this covenant with each of the other members.

  • We therefore pledge our commitment to God and to the group, that the choices we make in our daily journeys will enhance our growth as Christians, honor our Creator and Redeemer, and minister to our world.

  • Recognizing that there are times when we cannot live up to the standards we have set for ourselves, we covenant to support each other in an encouraging and constructive manner.

  • Trusting in grace, we pledge to support each other as we leave the confines of comfort in our search to do God's will in the world.

  • Open my eyes to your presence, O God,
    that I may see the sorrows and joys of your creatures.
    Open my ears to your will, O God,
    that I may have the strength to keep this covenant.
    Open my heart and my hands in mercy, O God,
    that I may receive mercy when I fail. Amen.

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