Sample Covenant #2

In gratitude for the grace of Jesus Christ, in whose death we have died and in whose resurrection we have found new life, we pledge to be his disciples. We recognize that our time and talents are gifts from God, and we will use them to search out God’s will for us and to obey. We will do our best not to compromise the will of God for human goals. We will serve both God and God’s creation earnestly and lovingly. We respect and accept fully all group members, who integrity and confidentiality we will uphold in all that we share. With God’s grace and their help, we make our covenant.

I* will spend four hours each month helping the poor people in my community.

When I am aware of injustice to others, I will not remain silent.

I will obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit to serve God and my neighbor.

I will heed the warnings of the Holy Spirit not to sin against God and my neighbor.

I will worship each Sunday, unless prevented.

I will receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion each week.

I will pray each day, privately and with family or friends.

I will read and study the Scriptures each day.

I will return to Christ the first tenth of all I receive.

I will prayerfully care for my body and for the world in which I live.

I hereby make my commitment, trusting in the grace of God to give me the will and the strength to keep this covenant.


Name: ______________________________________

Date: ___________________



* The use of the personal I or the collective We is entirely at the discretion of each group.

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