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Prayer for National Leaders

(Inspired by Jeremiah 23:1 & 4)

Lord, we believe you when you say you will lead us. But we have suffered at the hands of those who would destroy and scatter your sheep. You promised that you would raise up shepherds who will gather us together so than no one will have to live in fear. So we look for those shepherds, Lord.

We pray for those will do good and do right, for those who will protect the children, who will school the children, who will give the children hope.

We pray for those shepherds who will pursue peace, who will walk humbly, who will reconcile nations.

We pray for shepherds who will fight injustice, who stand on the side of justice.

We pray for shepherds who will feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and set at liberty the captives.

We pray for shepherds who will spread love, show mercy, and practice hospitality.

Lord, we pray for our shepherds; we pray for our people; we pray for our country; we pray for the nations.


Tony Peterson, Associate Acquisitions Editor for Bibles at Thomas Nelson Publishers in Nashville, is a former employee of Discipleship Ministries and a contributor to volumes A, B, and C of the Africana Worship Book.

From the Africana Worship Book for Year C. © Discipleship Resources. Used by permission.

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