Partner in Mission Fund for Korean, Asian & Pacific Islander Ministries

Partners in MissionThe Partner in Mission Fund for Korean, Asian & Pacific Islander Ministries provides scholarships to train leaders, develops Korean/Asian Pacific language resources, equips Asian Pacific American leaders, and partners with ministries in Asia Pacific region.

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Meet New Faces

Asian Americans are the fastest growing population in the United States. According to a new study from the Pew Research Center, Asians have surpassed Hispanics as the largest group of new immigrants to the United States. The total population of Asian Americans—both foreign and US born—are 18.2 million, or 5.8% of the total U.S. population, up from less than 1% in 1965.

Impact Lives

When we audaciously meet these new faces, engage in their communities, and equip their spiritual leaders, people and communities are impacted to live transformed lives and become disciples of Jesus Christ.

Support Ministries

The United Methodist Korean/Asian American & Pacific Islander Ministries are affiliated with the Discipleship Ministries. Discipleship Ministries has partnered with The United Methodist Church Foundation to serve God by encouraging stewardship as way of life, and upholding the missions and ministries of The United Methodist Church in the world.

In fulfillment of this mission, Discipleship Ministries seeks to serve the church by offering you an opportunity to fulfill your stewardship goals beyond the local church. In partnership with the United Methodist Korean/Asian American & Pacific Islander Ministries, we seek to build a 'Partner in Mission' fund for future ministries through current and planned gifts.

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How You Can Help

Our goal is to raise $25,000 by the end of 2018 for the Partner in Mission Fund for Korean, Asian & Pacific Islander Ministries to provide scholarships to train leaders, develop Korean/Asian Pacific language resources, equip Asian Pacific American leaders, and partner with ministries in the Asia Pacific region. Please consider giving to support one of the following funding priorities:

  1. Raise $3,000 in scholarships for 10 ethnic clergy and lay leaders to attend training with organizations such as The National Leadership Conference for Leaders of Korean/Asian United Methodist Churches, The Wesleyan Leadership Conference, School of Ministerial and Congregational Development, and Leadership Trainings and Events.  DONATE
  2. Raise $5,000 to equip 10 leaders with the development and training to train the next generation of leaders in their own ethnic groups with authentic and effective leadership skills. DONATE
  3. Raise $10,000 to develop, publish, and print Korean/Asian-Pacific language resources. DONATE
  4. Raise $7,000 to host a major training event in the Asia-Pacific region to provide a platform or leadership development and spiritual renewal through workshops, conferencing, and networking.   DONATE

Every penny you contribute goes to the Partner in Mission Fund; not one cent of your gift is spent in administration.  Each dollar raised will be matched up to $10,000.

David KimContact for more information:
Rev. K. David Kim
Director of Korean, Asian American & Pacific Islander Ministries
Telephone: (877) 899-2780 Ext. 7050

Thank You to our Donors

Thank you to the many donors who make the Partner in Mission Fund a viable resource for church leaders around the world.


  • Jaye J. and B. Don Ahn
  • Tai C. Chang
  • Chong Ae Cho
  • Dr. Chris Chon
  • Myoung Soun and Margaret Okhi Choun
  • Kwang Ho “Abraham” and Hee Sung Chun
  • Samuel Hahn
  • Sang En Han
  • Rev. Myungsun Han
  • Hwa Ja Hong
  • Hyon and Myong Hwang
  • Chung J. Kang
  • Rev. Kuh C. Kim
  • Rev. Woongmin Kim
  • Sang W. Kim
  • Yong W. Kim
  • Hyuntae Kim
  • Yong-Wu and Chinsoo Kim
  • Rev. Youngseok Kim
  • Ae Son Koh
  • Jae Lee
  • Joanne C. Lee
  • Rev. Sungho Lee
  • Sang Ho and Gil Sook Lee
  • Robin H. Lee
  • Yung Chul and Eun Sil Lee
  • Yong and Jung Lee
  • Soon Ku Lee
  • Seung Sup and Anna Lee
  • Wesley and Kristen Sohn
  • Chong Hyo and Yul Hoon Yom


  • Adriance UMC
  • Aiea Korean UMC
  • Anchorage Korean UMC
  • Asbury UMC
  • Athens Korean Church
  • Atlanta Church of Sarang UMC
  • Berkeley KUMC
  • Bethany KUMC
  • Bethel KUMC
  • Calvary KUMC
  • Cana UMC
  • Central KUMC
  • Charleston KUMC
  • Christ UMC
  • Delaware KUMC
  • First KUMC of Cherry Hill
  • First KUMC of El Paso
  • First KUMC of Huntington
  • First KUMC of Lakewood
  • First KUMC of Richardson
  • First KUMC of Wheeling
  • Fresno KUMC
  • Greenland UMC
  • Holy Cross International UMC
  • Hope KUMC
  • Kam-Nam UMC
  • Korean First Central UMC of Madison Heights
  •  Korean FUMC of Oklahoma City
  • KUMC and Institute
  • KUMC of Buffalo
  • KUMC of Detroit
  • KUMC of El Paso
  • KUMC of Flossmoor
  • KUMC of Minnesota
  • KUMC of New York
  • KUMC of San Diego
  • KUMC of Santa Clara Valley
  • KUMC of Savannah
  • KUMC of Seattle
  • KUMC of Texarkana
  • KUMC of Waco
  • Korean-American UMC of Colorado Springs
  • Kum Ran UMC
  • Mid-Hudson KUMC
  • New York Plainview UMC
  • North Boston Korean UMC
  • San Francisco KUMC
  • St. Luke UMC
  • Tampa KUMC
  • Valley KUMC/Korean-American UMC Partnership
  • Virginia KUMC
  • Woodland Hills KUMC
  • Zion KUMC



  • Ebenbrook Corporation
  • JKBae Foundation


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