Native American Creed

by The Rev. Roger Scott

I believe in God, Creator of our unique native languages,
Who gifted us this identity as a distinct people through
our native tongues,
so that our native spiritual leaders could relay God's love
to our native people who could not understand
that foreign tongue called English.

I believe in Jesus Christ, our relative,
Who talked of us when he said, "I have other sheep out there,
besides those I have here."
I believe in Jesus Christ who knew the pain of our native
people who were forced from their homeland and had no
place to lay their head.
I believe in Jesus Christ as our Chief Cornerstone as we
begin to build a new generation of native spiritual leaders.
I believe in Jesus Christ who does not say "goodbye"
in any language, but says "I will come again."

I believe in the Holy Spirit as tongues of fire
lighting upon our native people to witness to their people
and to the world, through the native song and dance.
I believe in the Holy Spirit as our guide and the
driving force for our native people to do a new thing
as we walk a new journey, toward perfection for all

The Rev. Roger Scott is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. His poetic interpretation of Luke 2:8-11 draws upon his experiences from the pow wow culture within Native America.

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