Lord Jesus Christ,
   we come to you sharing the suffering that you endured.
Grant us patience during this time,
   that as we and Name  live with pain, disappointment, and frustration,
   we may realize that suffering is a part of life,
   a part of life that you know intimately.
Touch Name in his/her  time of trial,
   hold him/her  tenderly in your loving arms,
   and let him/her  know you care.
Renew us in our spirits,
   even when our bodies are not being renewed,
   that we might be ever prepared to dwell in your eternal home,
through our faith in you, Lord Jesus,
   who died and are alive for evermore. Amen.


Suggested Scripture Readings


Ecclesiastes 3:1 –11a

For everything there is a season.

Isaiah 25:6 –10 God will swallow up death.
Psalm 23          The Lord is my shepherd.
Psalm 42         

My soul longs for you.

Romans 8:18-25

Present sufferings and future glory

Romans 14:7-9 We are the Lord's.


Familiar beloved hymns, or hymns suggested under Hymn of Healing, may be sung to or with persons life–threatening illness.


See also the resources in Ministry with the Dying.



Copyright: “Ministry with Persons with Life–threatening Illness” Copyright © 1992 UMPH.


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