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Liturgy and Ritual: Pay Attention

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As you Connect with God through liturgy and ritual,
make plans with your family to:

Pay Attention

Symbols to look for:

  • January: Clocks help us remember to take time to talk to God. When you see a clock, stop and take time to talk to God: “God, thank you for always listening when I pray. Today I need you to help me [fill in the blank].”

  • February: Hearts help us remember to share God’s love with others. Whenever you see a heart, stop and give thanks, saying: “God, thank you for loving me, help me share your love with others by [list one way you want to share God’s love].”

  • March: Shamrocks are a symbol used by St. Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint, to remember the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Whenever you see a shamrock, stop and say: Thank you, God, for making me and guiding me. Help me share your love with others.

Virtue to Practice: Love

  • Who loves you? What does it feel like to be loved by someone else? Make a list of everyone who shows you God’s love.

  • Whom do you love? Every night, take time to pray for the people you love. Ask God to be with them. Send them a letter or call them to tell them you love them.

  • Whom is God calling you to love? Pray for this person or these people every day. Ask God to help you show love to this person or to these people.

God Encounters/God Sightings:

  • Journal: Take a picture, write, or draw all of the moments you feel loved and/or love someone else. Take time to pray and thank God for these moments.

  • Share: Tell your family and friends how you experienced God’s love. Share your story on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #famfaithform

Go further in your family’s practice of liturgy and ritual by finding time to pray every day. Check out this great resource, Scrambled Starts by Jenny Youngman.

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