Litanies for a Sermon Series on Whole-Life Stewardship

Six Prayers of Commitment for Sundays October 22, 2017 - November 26, 2017
by Rev. Rosanna Anderson

I wrote this set of litanies to accompany a new sermon series on whole-life stewardship by the Rev. Robb Webster, senior pastor at Charleston UMC in Charleston, Missouri.

Thank You

Week 1 – Wesley’s Means of Grace

Based on Ephesians 2:4-10 — October 22, 2017

One:    O Lord, our God, you are rich in mercy. We praise you for your great love!
All:      We were dead in sin, but you gave us new life through Christ, our Savior.
One:    Thank you for saving us through your gracious gift of forgiveness.
All:      You reveal the immeasurable riches of your kindness toward us.
One:    Empower us by your Spirit to live as people who are eager to do good deeds.
All:      Let us embrace with joy the opportunities you give us to share your love.

Week 2 – Mission

Based on Matthew 28:16-20 — October 29, 2017

One:    Holy God, by resurrecting Jesus, you gave him all authority in heaven and on earth.
All:      Help us to honor Jesus Christ as the ultimate authority in our lives.
One:    We rejoice that Christ is alive and always present with us by his Spirit.
All:      Lord, bring us peace when we worry. Direct us to turn aside from worldly doubt.
One:    You call us to obey your commandments and live in peace with our neighbors.
All:      Strengthen our hearts to trust and follow your will, until Christ returns in glory.

Week 3 – Leadership           

Based on Matthew 25:31-46 — November 5, 2017

One:    Majestic God, you are the loving and powerful King of the universe!
All:      Thank you for including us in your royal family as brothers and sisters of Christ.
One:    You created each person in your image and sent your Son Jesus to redeem each person.
All:      Give us the eyes of faith to glimpse the face of Jesus Christ in everyone we meet.
One:    Lead us to recognize that you provide enough to meet our needs each day.
All:      Guide us to give generously to those who are hungry, thirsty, or far from home.

Week 4 – Giving

Based on Colossians​ 3:12-17 — November 12, 2017

One:    Generous God, we are filled with gratitude that you count us among your beloved people.
All:      Make us more like Christ by being kind and humble, gentle and patient.
One:    You have freely forgiven us so that we may bear with one another as peacemakers.
All:      Help us to praise rather than complain. Set us free from grudges and bitterness.
One:    May your Spirit enliven our hearts as we worship you and share in Christian friendship.
All:      In all our activities, we want to give freely and show the compassion of Jesus.

Week 5 – Making Disciples

Based on Matthew 6:19-24 — November 19, 2017

One:    Our Heavenly Father, you are the loving God who invites us into relationship.
All:      You alone deserve to hold first place in our hearts, far above anything else.
One:    Your Son Jesus urges us to store up good works in heaven, where they are safe with you.
All:      Help us not to hoard worldly treasures, where we fear they may be stolen.
One:    Let us seek first your priorities. Guard us from the darkness of materialism and envy.
All:      Enable our lives to reflect the light of your faithfulness as we nurture new disciples.

Week 6 – Christ the King

Based on Revelation 1:4b-8 — November 26, 2017

One:    Almighty God, at your appointed time, our risen Lord Jesus will reign over all.
All:      Let your Spirit keep our minds peacefully centered on Christ and his grace.
One:    You give our lives meaning by calling us to serve your good purposes in the world.
All:      Sustain us as we extend your loving care and welcome strangers in fellowship.
One:    Thank you for the beautiful hope you give us through Jesus’ self-giving love.
All:      We dedicate ourselves to your life-giving mission in Jesus Christ.


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