Lead Us Out of Babel

(For use as a monologue, a prayer, or a gathering meditation.)

Lead us out of Babel where we claim our own languages and cast out others,
where we label family by our money status,
and shirt colors define our brothers;
where we care for our own and make wars with other tribes;
where we create borders we call protection
and shun those whom we say don't belong inside;
where we earn all we can, save all we can
and look at others confused
when they ask us to give all we can
while we sit in our own addictions high;
where we choose our houses so that we match our neighbors' skin;
where we even choose our churches so that our hues all blend;
where our differences create fear
and matter more than the promise you made
that we were all adopted into your glory
when Christ defeated the grave.

Lead us out of Babel where we speak a language of "us," "ours," and "mine."

Pour out your Spirit upon all flesh, Lord, and make your children wholly thine.

Ciona Rouse is a freelance writer and a former staff member of the Discipleship Ministries, Nashville, TN.

21st Century Africana Liturgy Resources: "Lead Us Out of Babel" Copyright © 2007 Ciona Rouse. All Rights Reserved. Posted with Permission on the Discipleship Ministries website.

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