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Lament For Jephthah’s Daughter

Words: based on Judges 11:29-40
Recommended Tune: Little Baddow, by Cecil Armstrong Gibbs (1929)
Meter: 76.76 D

Lament for Jephthah's daughter.
Her cruel fate was sealed
As she embraced her father
his vow must be revealed.
Regret that Jephthah doubted
God's Spirit gifted him.
He took control not knowing
the outcome would be grim.

Her father's bent on victory
cost him a bitter price.
His own beloved daughter
he now must sacrifice.
She bowed to culture's custom,
replied obediently,
but asked for time reflecting
on her virginity.

Remembering the women
who go with her to grieve,
May we today still listen
to cries of those deceived.
God, grant to us, the privileged,
new courage that we dare
to sing her song for others
as we her memory share!

Edith Sinclair Downing's photo, biography, contact information and links to additional songs and choral music are available on the Discipleship Ministries website.

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