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It Seems Inhuman, Who Could Kill

Words: Andrew Pratt, 2014
Music: tune, COVENTRY CAROL, traditional English

British pastor and hymn writer Andrew Pratt has composed this hymn in response to the December 16, 2014, Taliban terrorist attack on a school in Peshawar, Pakistan, that killed 145 people, nearly all of them children. The hymn speaks of human inhumanity and hatred, God's intervention in human life, and our response as we try "to bring a peaceful dawn." The tune is COVENTRY CAROL (alternate tune name: INNOCENTS) and dates from the fifteenth century, used in the well-known carol depicting the slaughter by Herod of the innocent children.

"It Seems Inhuman, Who Could Kill" (Sibelius)

"It Seems Inhuman, Who Could Kill" (pdf)

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