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Hire a Path 1 Coach

Looking for a new church coach?

If you aren't, let us encourage you to explore this important aspect of equipping your church plant project for success.

  • Imagine what it could be like to have someone with whom to process the new ways you dream up to connect people with Jesus.
  • Imagine having someone to talk you through a particularly challenging situation.
  • Imagine having someone to point you in the right direction or to the right resources to help you live out your dream.

That’s what a coach does for you.

Not only will coaches help planters figure out how to tap into their own potential, the right coaches give the planting projects the best shot possible.

  • Path 1 Coaches are uniquely qualified to coach new church start projects. A new church project requires more than a general coach. It requires someone who understands the pitfalls and unique demands of a start up and someone who works well with innovative, out-of-the-box energy so typical of planters. Path 1 Coaches are a special breed of coach because new church starts involve much more than one leader and require bigger toolboxes!
  • Path 1 Coaches specialize in the specific needs and nature of new church starts.
  • Path 1 Coaches partner with new church start planters and other stakeholders to develop churches that are viable, sustainable and well on their way toward multiplying their successful church plants.
  • Path 1 Coaches show certain characteristics and competencies that demonstrate proficiency, applied to more than one new church start.
  • Part coach, part consultant, part facilitator, Path 1 Coaches support stakeholders in setting and achieving realistic benchmarks based upon the vision for the project. Learn more about the recommendation process for Path 1 Coaches here.

An additional benefit of hiring a Path 1 Coach is that we help you find the best coach for your project(s) to maximize the fruit from your investment.The typical cost for an 18 month coaching contract is about $2,500-3,500+ but can be significantly less if you choose to use a coach-in-training who is being supervised by a Path 1 Mentor Coach.

For more information about coaching pricing and contracts, please contact us.