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High Impact Residency Program (HIRP)

Path 1 is committed to encouraging and supporting the next generation of church planters. We believe young people are critical to our mission to reach the growing number of unchurched people in the world and to stay relevant to the changing trends and needs of the world. In accordance with that commitment we are providing Residencies for young adults who feel called to plant new churches.

We are creating partnerships with annual conferences to fund these Residencies. Our Residency program helps address the denomination’s need to increase the number of young and diverse clergy under 35 years of age. These Residencies are designed to help our UMC plant vital, new large impact churches with a relevant, contextual, outward focus on ministries and mission.

The partners involved in this program are as follows:

  • the planter resident
  • the host church
  • the annual conference
  • Path 1

The host church will act as the temporary employer of the resident while the annual conference and Path 1 will serve as co-sponsors of the program. Each sponsor will contribute money, time, and resources to the program and evaluate the effectiveness of the planter, the Residency program, and the fund development process that supports the Residency.

If you are interested in exploring this exciting new ministry, please check out this description.

For additional information, please contact Doug Ruffle ([email protected]).