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Looking for information about church planting?

Planting a new church requires careful planning, resourcing, and leadership. Fortunately, others have been in this territory before. Path 1 has collected some lessons and resources to help you along your planting journey.

To organize the materials, we've grouped them according to a church planting process that goes like this:

Find: Effective Leaders

Identify high-potential planters and locations for new congregations and resource them for maximum effectiveness. In the "Find" area of the site look for these features:

Equip: Planters and Teams

Provide contextualized tools, timely training and expert coaching to ensure planting success.

Plant: Focus on the Mission Field

Starting with contextually appropriate planting strategies, establish best practice-based benchmarks and action plans for growing through the seasons of planting.

Multiply:Share Healthy DNA

Encourage successful new churches and healthy established congregations to share their good DNA by replicating the planting process as a new site, new congregation, or to reach a new group of people.

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