Development Through the Life Span

We've reviewed the most current literature in spiritual, physical, social, and spiritual development and created "Development Through the Life Span." This chart can be used in teacher training, parenting classes, and other settings to help people understand growth and development.

Developmental Chart -- 20" x 30"(pdf)
This one-page file is designed to be printed on 20-inch by 30-inch paper. This version is suitable for taking to a local professional copy center for printing and laminating as a display poster.

Developmental Chart -- 17" x 22" (pdf)
This two-page file is designed to be printed on 17-inch by 11-inch paper. Print both pages and then tape them together to form a 17-by 22-inch poster. This is a good size for individual use. It can be printed on most copiers.

Categories: Human Growth & Development