Copyrights for Live Streaming

Many churches are choosing to live-stream their Sunday worship, concerts, wedding, funerals, and other events.  United Methodist Communications is offering live streaming service through Techshop and the websiite  Once your congregation has made the decision to live stream, it must also obtain the appropriate licensing or permissions to cover the use of all copyrighted materials in the service. These costs and services are not included with the myUMClive service.  

Penalties for copyright infringement are high.  See "Copyright 101: Penalties for Copyright Infringement (USA Only)."

Some Available Streaming Licensing Services

Christian Copyright Solutions

Christian Copyright Licensing Incorporated (CCLI)
The Need for a Live Streaming License
CCLI Live Streaming License
CCLI Live Streaming License Fact Sheet

For more information about copyrights and licensing, see

Techshop Live Streaming Service:

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