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Comprehensive Plan for Teacher Development for UMC Congregations

Teachers in all settings are spiritual leaders who pay attention to their relationship with God and with others and who live their faith in their daily lives. As congregations develop their own plans for teacher development it is important to keep in mind what teachers need to know and do to be effective in their task. To facilitate the planning process two continua have been developed that articulate basic knowledge and actions for effective teaching.

In this guide you will find information on what every teacher needs to know in ten core categories and what every teacher needs to do outside and inside the teaching session. Based on the model of the General Rules, each category on the continua begins with envisioning what is needed to “do no harm” in the classroom and then moves toward what is needed for “doing good...to all.” Indicator statements are included on both ends of the continuum that describe what knowledge and behavior may look like as people move from one end of the continuum to the other.

On the pages following the continua you will find additional helps for developing a congregational plan for teacher development. It is our prayer that with God’s leading you will develop a plan for your congregation that will equip and support teachers as they lead in forming disciples for the transformation of the world.

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